Friday is here ….Finally!

After the Holiday Weekend…this week dragged! To treat myself I’m taking Monday off (Thank you Floating Holiday)!

Here are a few things I plan to do this weekend and on my day off! I love having a day off knowing everyone else is at work – is that mean!?

1. Go to SMU Barr Outdoor Pool! Have you been to this treasure yet!? If not, come join me! It is only $5 to get in and you can swim some laps, get some sun, layout, and listen to the playlists of the SMU lifeguards….yes they are usually rich kid playlists…but hey it’s SMU…what do you expect

2. Go browsing (I’m on a tight budget) at Marshalls, Sample House, Tuesday Morning. I love these stores. The key word is browsing…not buying for me. I have banned myself from Target and started grocery shopping at (cue the ohhhhh’s) at Wal-Mart…yet I know…but hey you can shop looking ratchet…so hey win-win…cheap prices and looked raggedy.

3. Sleep In – I don’t know about you but I LOVE waking up on my own without an alarm clock! I can sleep 15 hours – it is ridiculous! I also love napping…so I plan on oversleeping and a mid-day nap

4. Cleaning – I love to clean (laundry is what I hate) – so I plan on deep-cleaning my apartment – nothing better than the smell of clean

5. Reading! I just got a bunch of books at Half Price Books (another Dallas treasure) and am ready to dive in to them – maybe while I’m laying out at SMU!


Have a great weekend -and if you have to work Monday – I am truly sorry!!!

P.S. get excited…I’m getting a blog facelift soon! Can’t wait!


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